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Hoe greenwashing vermijden?


“Business as usual is not an option anymore, consumers ask for it, we try to deliver.”

The IPCC report informs us that current policies are taking us towards a 3°C global warming scenario. This is well beyond the target set by the Paris Agreement to maintain quality of life on our planet, so we do have to take our own initiatives.
In response, brands develop products and services that address this need for change in habits towards more responsible consumption, however, high demand sometimes leads brands to low transparency and ignorance.


“Once you go green, you have to come clean.”

“We have a duty to aspire to better ways of doing business, with knowledge and transparency being at the heart of this transition, we have the power to positively change the way we behave daily. Be proud of it, talk about it! However, communicating on your efforts can only be done by respecting a basic set of rules to prevent any greenwashing.”